Shac takes fans to Paradise

Amos Harris

Former Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall finalist Amos Harris, known on stage as Shac, has released an ode to the islands with his new single, Paradise. The track, inspired by the lush nature in the countryside of the artiste’s childhood home in Clarendon Jamaica, talks about the beauty of the island and enjoying that experience.

“I come from the country side of the island of Jamaica, It’s only right I sing about the beauty of it and allow people to see what I see through the song,” Shac explained.

Written by the artiste himself and produced by Jayfk productions and 100 Degrees records; ‘Paradise’ is expected to give listeners the feeling of serenity when listening to the track and is geared at allowing persons to create a connection to the nature that we sometimes take for granted here in the Caribbean.

“Sometimes people forget how blessed we are to live in this paradise and even when things aren’t perfect we must always give thanks for what we do have, this is why so many people vacation here in Jamaica,” Shac added.

The artiste, who placed fourth in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall talent competition in 2014 has already seen success with singles released, including ‘Live Mi Life’ produced by DJ Frass Records. Shac sees the ‘Paradise’ single as a very special track with great potential.

“Jamaica is romantic for some persons, spiritual for others and introspective for a few. The ‘Paradise’ single connects to all these emotions with a good clean uplifting melody at the same time,” Shac professed.

Shac is hoping to complete visuals for the single as soon as the current Pandemic is over; for now though he just wants the track to continue to bring positive vibration to all who listen to it.