Social media sensation Mackerel tell all

Social media sensation mackerel who made her name with her bragging about “tekking people man’ had viewers caught up as she shared her heartbreaking story.

In the interview she revealed that she had never been the recipient of a mother’s love, which saw her looking for love in all the wrong places.

She ended up getting pregnant at age 12 when an older man started to give her attention, he eventually impregnated her. 

At age 15 her mother put her out and she ended on the streets, kotching, doing everything to survive. 

“Mi start act like a big woman and tell the man dem say mi older, because mi did waan them put mi up. At the end of the day, mi couldn’t sleep a roadside. The struggle was real, but mi did rather live with the man them, box bout, and when one a them put me out, another one take me in. If mi did live a roadside, mi woulda get battery, mi woulda get rape. And if a mother can put out her own child, there is nobody else to turn to,” Mackerel told the Jamaica Observer.