Spice Gets Revenge With ‘Tables Turn’

Dancehall artiste Spice known for her energized performances and racy lyrics is not only the ‘Queen Of Stage’ but also a consummate trendsetter for the genre and her female counterparts. The multi-hyphenated entertainer in recent weeks has moved to broaden her professional portfolio with the annexation of several new titles including producer, director, brand ambassador and event promoter.
Alluding to the above mentioned, she is credited as producer and director for ‘Tables Turn’, a reprised version of Lady G’s 1998 hit ‘Breeze Off’. However, Spice’s version is an ode to men asking what if the roles were reversed in relationships, could they handle a dose of their own medicine.
Released on the Spice Official Entertainment imprint, the VPal Music distributed track steadily gaining momentum across the diaspora also occupies the No.1 trending spot on Youtube (Jamaica) with its official visuals. Set against the backdrop of an opulent lifestyle intertwined with fun, love, sex and betrayal, Spice gives fans a glimpse into what men would endure if the tables were truly turned.
“This song is an anthem for women who want revenge on men who have been taking advantage of them. It’s time for us as women to get up and say what if the tables turn. What if we the women start doing what you have been doing to us lying, cheating and abusing us. I hope men will listen to this song and look into themselves and see what they have been doing to females over the years.” – Spice intimated.