Staff at Clarendon Parish library gets grief counseling

Senior librarian for the Clarendon Parish Library Audrey Minott said the staff is now getting grief counseling as they try to deal with the death of their driver 55-year-old Gladstone Allen aka Cuban.

He was gunned down Friday night at about 9:45 pm along with another man Gregory Mitchell on Duke Street in May Pen.

Minott said she worked with Allen for five years and always found him to be a cooperative worker.

“He was very willing, we could depend on him. We are a female dominated organisation here and he always looked out for our welfare especially when we are on the road,” she said reminiscing on their relationship.

Minott said Allen was also supportive of persons especially those who were going through grief.

The staff at the library she said is now in a sombre mood with many of them still finding it hard to believe that he is dead.

Minott said she too is finding it hard to accept that he is really gone.

“I’m in a kind of denial, wondering if it is really true,” she said sharing that she didn’t get the news of his death until the Saturday morning and she is still in shock about it.

Minott said everyone is clueless on who would hurt him as he was just a good person.

In sharing memories of her coworker Minott said he was a man who loved his food. “He loved to cook and he would often express his love for food,” she said.

Minott said Allen’s children are all grown with most of them living in England.