Think twice about drinking cold water

Aaah, there is nothing like a refreshing drink of cold water! Well, you might want to think twice about that. It might taste good, make you feel good … but check out some of what it does to your body. 

Cold water robs you of nutrients

The body’s natural temperature is 37 degrees Celcius. When you drink something that is very cold, your body has to spend an exorbitant amount of energy to regulate your core temperature. This takes away from energy that is needed to digest food and absorb nutrients.

It may cause a sore throat

 Extremely cold water may cause respiratory mucosa to build up, resulting in increased chance of infection causing a sore throat.

It can increase your risk of headache

 According to a 2001 study, women who had experienced a migraine in the last year were twice as likely to trigger a headache by drinking cold water.

Heads up, cold water may contain dirty ice: We recently reported that ice is often dirty, coated with bacteria and fungus. This often is true of your ice at home.

Information Source: The Alternative Daily