Tony rebel daughter blasts Queen Ifrica too!

Hot on the heels of Queen Ifrica’s daughter Tanzania calling her mother out on her birthday, Tony Rebel’s daughter Davianah had words for her too. 

In a long post to her Instagram Story, Davianah accused Ifrica of threatening her using a fake profile after Tanzania’s post.

 “Queen Ifrica don’t come on my page with your fake page to comment about tump inna face. U nuh wah talk about tump inna face and who fah ma a beat dem, don’t go there with me!”

The up and coming singer also denied claims that she was the one responsible for Queen Ifrica’s daughter, Tanzania Barrett calling her out on her birthday.

 “I had no idea [Tanzania Barrett] was going to post that, i saw it just like everybody else. I reposted it to help share her truth. I have nothing to do with you and your daughter’s affairs.”