Trinidad and Tobago to host Sex Island Secret party?

A private island resort in Trinidad and Tobago is the alleged location for Sex Island’s secret party.

According to a report in the New York Post the prostitute and drug-fueled party will be held there.

The event a four-day, three-night sex romp which attracts a discounted fee of  $4,500 per person will ensure the 50 guests each having two prostitutes available to them and receiving unlimited food and drinks.

According to the story in The Post most of the women hail from Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and other South American countries. While the exact location of the resort is top secret it is claimed that they have the permission of the government to host the party.

However, reports indicate that government officials in Trinidad are clueless about the event and it is not one they would have given a permit for, this according to The Post.

The Caribbean Globe checked out Sex Island website where the following is on offer for the December 14 – 17 event “Unlimited sex with two girls per day (switching girls with other guests is permitted), all meals and snacks, all the alcohol you desire, airport pickup and drop-off, yacht parties, bedrooms with showers, large closets, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and unlimited condoms.”