Popular Comedian, Blogger turned artiste Twani Price is gearing up to release the visuals for his brand new single Honda which was released earlier this week.
The newly minted recording artiste, who has been dabbling in music for a little over four years, sees the Honda single as the one to confirm with his fan base his commitment to the new direction. 
“I really just love entertaining people and that is what my comedy has been from the inception. Now it’s the music that will entertain and inspire,” Twani shared 
Twani is now full steam ahead and committed to his recording career, following up on previous releases like ‘Car Man’ and ‘Plantain’.
The Honda lover feels connected to the new single because he personally owns a Honda and sees firsthand the influence the brand has on a person’s image here in Jamaica.
“Honda is definitely a first class vehicle here in Jamaica, after buying my Civic the concept of the song just came to me and I just had fun with it. I believe that the car you drive plays a role in the dating scene sometimes, whether we want to admit it or not,” Twani said.
The ‘Honda’ visuals are directed by Richie Bakez and will be premiered on multiple TV platforms this weekend as well as on the artiste’s YouTube Channel.