Usain Bolt has doubts about Illuminati connection

Ok then, the great Usain St Leo Bolt, Jamaica’s sprinting legend posted a photo of himself and his best friend NJ to show how far they are coming from. And what do you know, he made a sign with his fingers and walla! The doubntful Thomas’ are questioning whether he is into the illuminati.

Their evidence … a sign that if we are not mistaken children have been using forever…or as one dancehall fan said he could be repping fast-rising deejay Squash’s 6ix camp.

Oh come on now, give the guy a break, check out some of the comments that were posted on his IG page under the photo:

 “Delete this photos ASAP.”

“Suh we good good Bolty really wan sell him soul or him do it already? What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul,” the comments continued.