UTECH Lecturer Dr Glenroy Pinnock To Launch Listen and Learn EP

Dr Glenroy Pinnock
Dr Glenroy Pinnock aka Ajaniah.

UTECH lecturer Dr Glenroy Pinnock has been advocating for the use of reggae music in the classrooms to help students learn Mathematics easier since 2014.
He is the pioneer researcher, on Mathematics anxiety reduction in the Caribbean.
Pinnock has also done live instrumental acoustic musical treatments to improve student’s Mathematics learning ability and exam results locally.
“When I was a student at UWI (Mona) in the late 90s – early 2000s, I realized that listening to music during study time, had a calming effecting on my mind. This effect helped me to delve deeper into the subjects that I was studying and learn more. So, I started teaching, I decided to use music in my classes, and I have seen great results over the years,” he said.
On Monday the 17th of February Dr Pinnock will launch an EP titled Listen and Learn.
The five-track EP that was produced by Pinnock features songs such as To Fail Is Never An Option, Hopeless People, Blacks and Whites, Tell Me Why and Charge Them Up.
Pinnock recorded all the songs under his stage name Ajaniah with the Real Roots Band.
“In my research, I’ve found that playing songs that have a positive message before the beginning of class sessions motivated students to work harder in class. While instrumental music helped them to score higher in exams. The songs on this EP carry a positive and uplifting message. There are no instrumentals on it however in the future I plan to release a full album featuring all five songs from the EP along with instrumental versions,” said Dr Pinnock.
He also added, “I’m hoping that more teachers will start to use music in their classes to help students to learn more. I also hope that this EP will be a helpful teaching aid for students.”
The EP launch which is being promoted under the theme Arts Meet Science is scheduled to begin at 7 pm on Monday inside the LT 48 Room at UTECH.
The launch will feature an acoustic performance by Ajaniah and The Real Roots Band.