Vincenzo the Conqueror … ready to embrace his love affair with music

 By Joan Wilson

Vincent George Clarke has been plying his trade as a carpenter for 32 years and although he has a long and appreciation for music, that relationship stayed on the backburner.

Penning his first song at age 16 entitled Shim, he never tried to get it recorded but focused on other things.

Clarke who hails from Zion Hill district in St Catherine is a past student of St Mary’s College and Above Rock Vocational Training Centre as well as Portmore HEART Academy.

Living in Pembroke Hall and later Portmore Clarke was kept busy with his carpentry skills until he migrated in 2015 to New York.

Now living in Worcester, Massachusetts, Clarke who performs under the moniker Vincenzo the Conqueror is now ready to push his musical career after admiring and being inspired over the years by artistes such as Peter Tosh, Mutabaruka, Eka Mouse, Papa Biggy, Buju Banton among others.

It was in December 2017 that Vincenzo the Conqueror started penning lyrics once more after.

Relating how it all came about, he said he went to a private doctor for a shoulder injury and was treated unjustly by the receptionist.  That triggered memories for Vincenzo the Conqueror about the things Peter Tosh said in his various speeches and he began tapping a chair with a pen and that’s how he created the dub poem Shitstem.

That experience opened a flurry of other songs as creative juice started flowing seeing him penning approximately 35 songs to date, recording 16 of them as well as producing two videos, with his materials being distributed by Distrokid.

Although Vincenzo the Conqueror is yet to grace the big stage, he is arming himself with materials for when that time comes with latest projects such as Pop Up Pops – a song throwing digs at deadbeat dads who doesn’t support their children and Nay Sayers, Dream Killers, for the negative people who are intent on destroying your dreams through ridicule and destroying your confidence.

Vincenzo the Conqueror who sees himself as a self-motivated, self-reliant and eager to learn more about the niche he is trying to carve for himself in the business said his music is based on his own life story as well as others.

While there are others in the ring, trying to set themselves apart from the rest of creatives, Vincenzo the Conqueror said he will stand out as his music is all truth and he tells it like it is.

When it comes on to his musical style there is no pinning him down as Vincenzo the Conqueror says he writes for every situation in life. As he puts it “You can find solace in listening to Vincenzo the Conqueror – rap, reggae, gospel, dancehall and soul.