Vitchous Continues To ‘Trust The Process’ Despite Corona Crisis

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting nations across the globe, Connecticut-based recording artiste Vitchous remains steadfast and continues to ‘Trust The Process’ with the release of his debut EP of the same name.

The former Portland (Jamaica) native now residing in Hartford, Connecticut, is ready to make his international foray into the music industry and will not allow the current crisis to derail said plans. Vitchous, whose given name is Michael Bembridge intimated that plans were already afoot weeks in advance of the current crisis, to roll out this project and he intends to follow through, citing that even among chaos there are opportunities.

“The fact that people are quarantine at home with not much to do, many have resorted to various digital platforms to keep themselves entertained. This is beneficial to an artiste such as myself because it creates the opportunity for me to ply my trade digitally to that captive audience from which discoveries can be made and fans garnered. It’s a known fact that more people are watching television, listening radio and exploring the Internet, so the onus is on me as an artiste to capitalize and make sure my content is readily available in these spaces,” Vitchous explained.

The 10-track compilation executively produced by Toplane Records and distributed courtesy of CD Baby takes fans on a musical journey through a myriad of genres including authentic roots rocking reggae to up-tempo hardcore dancehall infused with snippets of hip hop and R&B as Vitchous skillfully narratives a plethora of topical issues.

“This EP is a brief introduction to my versatility. ‘Trust the Process’ is a reflection of my life’s journey and musical growth. I want to remind people to trust their Process. I didn’t foresee this being the time my debut project would be released. At one point it almost discouraged me not to move forward with the release because of this crisis we are facing. I hope this EP will be a light of hope and motivation to everyone in these times and encourage anyone facing hardships or obstacles on their way to achieving their goals,” – the singer added.

When quizzed about the unorthodox volume to tracks considering most EPs contain between 3-6 songs, Vitchous further disclosed that “We reviewed the tracks several times and tried to select the best recordings but everyone had their favourites which exceeded the proposed cap (6 songs), hence a decision was taken to include the additional tracks as a ‘bonus’ for the fans.”

Released March 6 via all major digital platforms, the compilation has seen an upswing in interest. A seemingly optimistic Vitchous says once the quarantine order is lifted fans can expect a surfeit of visuals to be forthcoming. Though a burgeoning talent, the dreadlock crooner since his transient emergence has shared the stage with some of the industry’s most noteworthy acts including, Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley, Luciano and Beres Hammond among others.