Web TV series to highlight innovative entertainers

Publicist Maria Jackson will be presenting a web TV series entitled “Maria Jackson Goes One On One”,  a show that will feature and highlight persons in the entertainment industry who have chosen to take the road less traveled. 

“My team and I decided to do this programme because we’ve noticed that anyone refusing to ‘sell their soul’ in this corrupt business unfortunately does not get the same promotional opportunities as those that do,” she said of the series. 

The first episode will be shedding some light on one of Jamaica’s best kept secret; singer, actor and dancer Kerry Starr. Despite the difficulties she has had to endure as an independent female artist, Kerry has managed to record and release some amazing tracks with some of the best producers in the business.

In 2007 she recorded “Believe It,” a song that she is currently pushing. It was produced by the legendary production team, Sly and Robbie. In 2014 she did “My Grade,” that was produced by Biggy from the popular duo Razz and Biggy. In 2016 and 2017 she collaborated with Legendz Production on three songs: “Cupid,” “Core” and “Everything.”