You got to be kidding me! Toronto singer Daniel Caesar says black people can’t take a joke

Daniel Caesar

Toronto singer Daniel Caesar is now feeling the heat following a drunken Instagram live chat in which he told his black fans that “being a victim doesn’t get you paid.”

The singer hosted a chat on his own Instagram feed Tuesday evening, while drinking and dining with a group of friends.

“Are there black people in this chat right now?” asked the Oshawa-born Grammy award-winner, whose real name is Ashton Simmonds. “Why are we being so mean to white people right now? That’s a serious question.”

Somebody tell Daniel Caesar

— Drew Burroughs (@CoolerthanUDrew) March 20, 2019

The R&B star was speaking in response to the most recent backlash against controversial online personality Julieanna ‘YesJulz’ Goddard, a white woman who herself has been accused in recent years of using racist language, exploiting black culture for her own gain and needlessly disparaging black women.

Caesar, apparently, felt it necessary to weigh in on how Twitter users were treating YesJulz after she had publicly bashed two prominent black women in the hip hop industry, Scottie Beam and Karen Civil.

And then the backlash came!

I just knew Daniel Caesar hit the sunken place the moment his hair went blonde. He’s really out here defending “No Julz” saying black people can’t take a joke… I’ve had enough.

— RUBIE (@DjRubieLee) March 20, 2019

Freudian Slippin’: Drunken And Sunken Daniel Caesar Defends YesJulz And Condemns Black People For Being “Too Sensitive”, Twitter Kicks Field Goal Through His Gollum-ish Gap Teeth

(Image via ROBYN BECK / Getty)

— Bossip (@Bossip) March 20, 2019

“Why is that we’re allowed to be rude and disrespectful to everybody else and when anyone returns any type of energy to us…that’s not equality,” said Caesar. “I don’t wanna be treated like I can’t take a joke.”