Zagga Tackles Hunger and Violence in New Video

Coming on the heels of a pair of exhilarating performances at Appleton Signature Nights and Cosmic Rotation 13, the latter held at Janga Sound Bar in Kingston. Reggae singer Zagga has unveiled a new music video tackling hunger, violence and the myriad of issues encompassing both.

Debuting last week via his official VEVO account ZaggaVEVO, ‘Bad & Hungry’ produced by Amini Music, addresses the perpetual problem of underprivileged youths investing in guns and other illicit activities, yet most are unable to feed themselves and their family. This message resonates throughout the song as Zagga sings, “nuff badman can’t put on a pot, so right now if that’s where badness is at, me nuh badda wah bad…. a just a bag a hungry man with gun a shoot after some hungry man with gun my lord oonu fi do better, wise up and go look the chedda dweet nuh bredda.” 

Shot throughout the thoroughfares of St. Ann by Khingcam Visuals, the video form part of a rebranding exercise currently being undertaken by the Rastafarian crooner. Zagga says though the song as been out for some time the visual was delayed due to efforts to complete other pending projects. 

“We, unfortunately, had to delay the video due to other pressing career engagements but we are back on track now. A decision was taken to still premiere the video because music is no longer merely about recording and releasing songs. We currently live in a world that is very visually driven, therefore we have to use these platforms to maximize our reach. In this latest effort, I chose to tackle the issues of gun violence, hunger and the challenges surrounding them.”  – Zagga explained.

The ‘My Destination’ hitmaker says additional plans are already afoot for more visuals as the last quarter of the year draws to a close. 

Zagga is best known for his work with Chimney Records, a partnership that has yielded several fruitful projects such as  “Change”, “Remember The Days” (Chill Spot Riddim), “Never Give Up” (Tropical Escape Riddim), “My Destination” (Rising Sun Riddim) and “Free Up” (Happy Hour Riddim) featuring Tarrus Riley among others.