$2 Million Equipment Donation Gives Boost to Paediatric Services at Lionel Town Hospital in Jamaica

The Lionel Town Hospital (LTH) in Clarendon is now able to offer advanced paediatric services to its patients, following the donation of equipment valued at $2 million.

The equipment which includes an incubator, a pulse oximeter, an infrared thermometer and a scale was gifted by Medical Strategies AO Limited and officially handed over to the hospital on Wednesday, August 11.

CEO of the LTH, Nadine Preddie explained that previously, paediatric patients would have to be referred to other facilities such as the May Pen Hospital but with the donation and a paediatrician on staff, the hospital will be able to offer advanced care to its paediatric patients.

“We are all challenged and I am pretty sure you (Medical Strategies AO Limited) are too but you made the effort and you have stepped forward and made this donation. Two million dollars is not an easy feat and so we want to say thank you. I promise that we will spare no effort in ensuring that the people of Clarendon get the best treatment possible at the Lionel Town Hospital. This donation has made us better able and equipped to offer care to our paediatric patients. We look forward to more meaningful partnerships with you.” Ms. Preddie said.

For Head of Paediatrics at the LTH, Dr. Tamara McKenzie, the donation will greatly contribute to the improved healthcare of paediatric patients and will ease some of the pressure from other facilities which patients would be referred to.

“Most persons don’t understand the value of a scale but for a paedicatrican especially a digital scale, it is crucial. There are very sensitive areas in terms of growth and weight changes so for a paediatrician it has a lot of value. You can weigh something as simple as

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a pamper to give a good idea of urine output which is crucial for dehydration diagnosis, etcetera. So this is invaluable to me and eases how I manage my patients on a day to day basis” Dr. Mckenzie said.

President of Medical Strategies AO Limited Dr. Roger Hunter noted that the donation is crucial to the government’s fight against COVID-19 and in the delivery of healthcare.

“We know the Government is trying their hardest and they have had challenges equipping their institutions, so as partners in the independent public private pathway we would like to lend our support to the Government’s efforts to provide decent healthcare to the community surrounding Lionel Town. We are honoured that we are able to make this presentation and we rest assured that this will be used wonderfully for the treatment of children at the Lionel Town Hospital. This is only the beginning because we know that it will make a substantial difference to the lives of children in the community” Dr. Hunter said.

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