$5.1B to be spent on improving residents’ access to quality water

Some 103,000 Guyanese will soon enjoy improved water quality as government commits to constructing seven new water treatment plants in several coastal areas.

This was disclosed by Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal, as the $4.2 billion supplementary budget for coastal water supply was being scrutinised.

Minister Croal said of that amount, $3.8 will go towards coastal infrastructural development.

Water treatment plants will be established in Regions Two, Three and Four as government acknowledges that only 52 per cent of persons living on the east coast receive treated water.

“Our main target include the construction of seven new coastal water treatment plants… These new plants we have already advertised for them. The tenders are closed…They are going through the evaluation process and then by the end of this month, we expect to have awards,” minister Croal explained.

Minister Croal pointed out that government intends to have 90 per cent treated water by 2025.

An investment of $28 billion will be used to achieve the 90 per cent treated water target.

Government will also expand and upgrade 12 water treatment plants in Regions Three, Four, Five and Six.

A total of $340 million will be used for the expansion of the Sophia and Friendship water treatment plants, the replacement of transmission mains, extension of distribution mains as well as extension of distribution mains on several areas along the Linden-Soesdyke Highway.

Minister Croal disclosed that government will construct a new well at Turkeyen Shelter Belt, and expand and upgrade the Linden water treatment plant.

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Government will replace aging transmission pipelines from Parliament to Kingston.

Additionally, several wells will be drilled in a number of Amerindian communities to expand access to potable water.

Communities to benefit include Phillipai, Tassarene, Isseneru, Waramadong, Sand Hill, Maikwak, Kamana, Yakarinta, Katoka, Rupanau, and Itabac.

The total supplementary budget for improved water supply is $5.1 billion.

Overall, the house and water ministry received $21 billion which also includes money for infrastructural development to advance government’s plans for affordable housing to the tune of $15.9 billion.

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