Bandits openly impose toll stations on Haiti’s main roads

In various regions of the Caribbean nation ripped apart by a severe political and humanitarian crisis, criminal gangs in Haiti have publicly constructed their own toll booths to collect money from road users travelling by car or motorcycle. This is done in defiance of police and government authority.

The illegal toll that drivers are required to pay for safe passage on the roads that gangs have taken control of has been condemned by the leaders of various drivers’ unions.

In order to proceed, passengers frequently have to pay the equivalent of several hundred dollars in US currency.

The criminal gangs have also compiled a list of the owners of the vehicles that are permitted to pass through checkpoints they have haphazardly erected to regulate traffic.

The scenario has a negative impact on many people’s transportation costs as they are required to pay far more than usual to assist the driver in finding more funds to pay higher bandit fines.

Truckloads of supplies for construction and meals are frequently taken by thieves.

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