Barbadian Local Sporting Groups Urged To Utilise Technology

Sporting organisations in Barbados are being encouraged to utilise technology in their administration and development.

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Dwight Sutherland, made the call to sporting entities on Wednesday, during the virtual launch of the Barbados Cricket Association’s (BCA) new website –

Sutherland, in explaining why sporting organisations should incorporate the use of technology, referred to a quote from United States Democratic Representative in Congress, Ron Kind, which states that “technology is driving the innovation; technology is driving the creativity; technology and the use of that is going to determine our workers’ ability to compete in the 21st century global marketplace”. 

“This statement provides a solid platform for discussions on how we can leverage the power of technology to maximise the potential of our sportsmen and sportswomen. This is critical, as Government seeks to create global citizens in all areas, with sports providing opportunities for our local talent to contribute meaningfully to Barbados, the region and the world,” Sutherland stated.

He continued: “I am of the view that the way in which relevant information surrounding the game is disseminated is of the utmost importance, as technology provides opportunities for corporate partnerships and sponsorship for the sport. Simultaneously, there are avenues for jobs and niche areas for the development of the athletes, and just as important, for the creation of support sectors which can be crafted into fully bloomed industries.”

Sutherland pointed out that he is prepared to acknowledge and support organisations that embrace technology and the role it could play in helping to unlock the true potential of their respective sport, and ultimately create more areas in the economy for young people to earn a meaningful living. 

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In congratulating the BCA on creating its new website, the Sports Minister stated: “I am heartened that the BCA is continuing to improve its online presence, which should bolster communication between the association, players and fans.”

Sutherland remarked that the BCA was ahead of the game in leading sporting organisations in Barbados with respect to its efforts to modernise its sporting infrastructure, focus on athlete development, and upgrade sporting delivery platforms and services, which has paved the way for the association to nurture, promote and expose Barbados’ cricketing talent from the grassroots stages to the international arena.

He also praised the BCA for using its website to disseminate cricketing content and information, which had up-to-date statistics and information on domestic, regional and international games, and to highlight youth cricket and out of season community tournament information.

During the launch, Manager of Marketing and Communications, Steven Leslie, showed how the new website works. It includes a shop tab, where the public can purchase BCA branded sports items; an area highlighting current sponsors, as well as advertising space for new partners. 

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