Bermuda gets green light to seek full Caricom membership

Bermuda has been given the green light to seek full membership within the Caribbean Community (Caricom) by the United Kingdom. The announcement was made by Deputy Premier Walter Roban during a statement to Parliament. Roban explained that discussions had taken place between Premier David Burt and Rena Lalgie, the Governor of Bermuda, regarding the island’s intention to apply for full membership in the 15-member regional integration movement.

Premier Burt further met with David Rutley, Britain’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Americas and Caribbean, during a recent trip to London. Roban stated, “Once we receive further information, such as the feedback required from the UK Government, Caricom Secretariat, and other relevant organizations, the public will hear early in the new year about the public consultation process.”

Bermuda has been an Associate Member of Caricom since July 2003, alongside other territories such as Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Now, with the support of the United Kingdom, Bermuda is progressing towards full Caricom membership.

This decision marks a significant milestone for Bermuda in its pursuit of deeper regional integration. The move signals the island’s commitment to strengthening ties with its neighboring Caribbean nations and participating more actively in the processes shaping the region.

By seeking full membership in Caricom, Bermuda aims to broaden its engagement in regional initiatives and enhance its contributions to the economic, social, and cultural development of the Caribbean Community. The island’s accession to full membership would also provide Bermuda with a platform to address common challenges, collaborate on regional issues, and reap the benefits of increased regional cooperation.

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As Bermuda awaits feedback from the UK Government, Caricom Secretariat, and other relevant organizations, a public consultation process will be initiated in the new year to ensure that the aspirations and concerns of the Bermudian public are heard and considered.

Bermuda’s progression towards seeking full Caricom membership is a positive development that highlights the island’s dedication to regional integration and cooperation. This opportunity presents Bermuda with the potential to play a more active role in shaping the future of the Caribbean region and fostering mutual growth and prosperity among Caricom member states.

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