BVI premier calls on US to help stem gun flow into territory

Natalio Wheatley

Natalio Wheatley, the premier of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), believes that the US should do more to assist this British offshore territory in stopping the flow of firearms.

Wheatley made the remarks at a press conference as the East end neighbourhood is still dealing with the fallout from a recent murder.

“It’s long been a cry by Caricom [Caribbean Community], most of the guns that you find in the Caribbean originate in the US. It’s a concern for all of us and we do believe the US can do more to stop the proliferation of guns in this region. Certainly, it’s something we all have to take into account…in the very same US, they face the same challenge with guns being used in mass shootings,” he said.

The premier added that Caricom is still urging the US to take more action to prevent illegal weapons from leaving the US and travelling to the Caribbean.

The expansion of illegal substances and weapons in circulation, as well as the difficulties in successfully managing the territory’s porous boundaries, have also sparked the grave worry of Governor John Rankin.

In order to prevent them from becoming involved in gang culture, the drug trade, or gun violence, he added it is also important to pay attention to the territory’s kids through training, education, and good social services.

Even while the BVI is still among the safest places in the Caribbean, there have been more murders and drug-related crimes in the area recently.

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