Byron Messia and Teejay Beef heat up on social media

Uptop boss Teejay and Byron Messia just released two new diss tracks, and now everything is kicking off. This ongoing feud between the two major label artists has caught the attention of their fan bases, thanks to a series of cryptic Instagram posts and now, two diss tracks.

While the cause of the feud is still unknown, it all started with a message posted by Messia on his Instagram ‘Close Friends’ group, calling out Teejay and Reggae Sumfest.

Teejay struck first with his diss track “Warning,” taking aim at Messia’s lyrical associations. Messia fired back with his own diss track titled “Collision,” throwing shades at Teejay.

The battle seems far from over as both artists continue to exchange shots on Instagram. For now, fans eagerly await the next round in what hopefully is only a lyrical battle.

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