Caribbean Airlines flight on route to Tobago evacuated following ‘threat’

The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) reported receiving information of a threat in relation to flight BW1832 from Trinidad to Tobago, according to Caribbean Airlines (CAL).

According to a statement released by CAL on Saturday, the flight was evacuated in accordance with standard operating practise, and the appropriate checks are being made by the competent agencies.

It stated that all passengers and staff had safely boarded the aircraft.

After being certified, the aircraft will be put back into operation, according to CAL.

The Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) aircraft servicing the domestic route was the target of a bomb threat on Saturday, according to the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT).

According to the AATT, passengers who were boarding an airoplane with a destination of Trinidad and Tobago were evacuated as a precaution and in accordance with well-established protocols for such an event.

The AATT stated that as an additional precaution, as part of the incident management strategy for such a situation, the passenger holding area and check-in counters close to CAL aircraft parking spots were evacuated.

Contrary to reports appearing on social media, the Piarco International Airport and all of its terminals were not completely evacuated, according to the AATT.
The AATT reported that although this event caused some international flights to be delayed, operations at the international terminal had proceeded.

The AATT promised that events like these would be handled and mitigated in accordance with the highest international standards and reaffirmed its commitment to the safety and security of all airport customers.

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