Caribbean Media Outlet REL, Eyes African Expansion

Reggae Entertainment Lifestyle (REL), a Caribbean-owned, U.S.-based media mogul, has set its sights on Africa as part of an ongoing expansion campaign for early 2022. The latest thrust by the brand is to establish a greater presence for Caribbean programming across the globe, especially with the current wave being enjoyed by the region through its exploits in academics, entertainment, sports, and tourism.
Africa, with a combined population of over 1.3 billion, presents the perfect melting pot for such an undertaking, as its 54-member states are known for their strong immigrant communities and historical ties to the region. With offices in Georgia and Florida, Reggae Entertainment Lifestyle (REL) is a lucrative conduit for businesses to maximize their growth through new media and television. Our platform showcases the latest music videos, comedy, fashion, nightlife, Caribbean cuisine, and travel destinations, all intricately knit into a palatable presentation. An integral part of REL is our entertaining and informative interviews that capture the personalities behind the luminaries.
A major component of REL’s mantra is consistent growth. Since early 2020, the world has been grappling with the economic perils of a pandemic, yet REL has continued to pivot with the changing times, subsequently growing its viewership exponentially. In September 2021, its South Florida subscription jumped to over 400 thousand, representing a 30% uptick in viewership, according to data from Nielsen. Presently, REL is aired in over 30 Caribbean islands, along with Puerto Rico, the U.S. and Canada, across several networks including HYPE TV, GT Network, CW Network, TST Network, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Firestick. REL is forecasted to reach the larger consumer base in local programming and is expected to influence the U.S. national market by way of engaging companies looking to showcase their products and services. 
In conjunction with the growth of the US markets, REL is dedicated to growing its international presence to achieve a greater viewership for the 14 to 75 demographics. It is the goal of Reggae Entertainment Lifestyle to make quality content that is entertaining, informative and progressive. We value people and want to offer a viable option for viewers to experience our many facets and innovations while giving a voice to practitioners and contributors from the diaspora.

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