CJ The Chemist Finds ‘The Formula’ with Aidonia, Govana, Spice and Konshens

CJ The Chemist, a New York-based record producer, says he plans to expand his fan base with the release of a 14-track compilation of his most notable works, set to unveil on August 20th. The Formula, as the project is dubbed, will include some of the biggest hits from musical heavyweights across the Afrobeat, Dancehall and Hip-Hop genres. The intent is to capitalize on the upcoming compilation album to establish his place as a prolific producer and to provide a launching pad for the emerging talents he manages.

According to the creative, who has worked with Aidonia, Govana, Spice, Elephant Man, Chino McGregor, Vanessa Bling, Konshens, Tommy Lee Sparta, Stone Bwoy and Hood Celebrity, among others, people remain oblivious to the person behind the beats, even though they have found his riddims to be extremely popular.

“I’d like to bring attention to the person who produced the music because people will hear the song, but the general public won’t know who it is. It’s been widely accepted that the music industry has transformed, and everyone has to respond in different ways. Consumers are drawn to brands that exhibit both personality and products, ” he concluded.

“It’s our obligation to see that, to reevaluate our strategy, and to approach our business differently. We have to put more effort into branding and our company’s reputation. “

CJ The Chemist hopes to emulate others like DJ Khaled and Stephen McGregor, who use various aspects of music to create their own unique brand of creativity.

“I want to bring out my talent in general; specifically, as a songwriter, manager, and singer, because I have two songs on the album as an artiste, and I want to further enhance my skills in the future. For the most part, I’m not a social bug, but today’s music scene is all about building a brand, “he reciprocated.

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“Dj Khaled and Stephen McGregor, my musical mentors, have been working similarly to bring lab work projects to life. I’m just continuing the legacy set by my predecessors. “

CJ The Chemist believes that The Formula will cement his position as a prolific producer and be the starting point for the artistes he represents.

“I’m currently working with four artistes who are my proteges: Starrr Doll, Juggla, OG Techneek, and Roxxy. I want to make the most of the compilation upon release. Becoming more widely known, and I want the company’s reputation to increase. That visibility will allow me to present my acts to the public, ” -he declared.

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