Click Away Ja creates digital job opportunities

Skilled professionals in Jamaica can look forward to a new platform to assist with getting access to new customers.

Clickawayja is Jamaica’s first digital platform that connects skilled professionals; like plumbers, hair dressers and electricians, with prospective customers. The app allows users to request skilled providers, keep track of work and also includes a marketplace for promoting various services.

The Clickawayja app is the first of its kind in Jamaica and the Caribbean and is another sign that Jamaica is moving fast towards digital growth in line with first world standards. Created by serial entrepreneur Mr. Tajay Mohan, Clickawaya is poised to be a sought after tool for skilled workers island wide.

“Gone are the days of paying for a job that has not been completed, the app is transparent and easy to use. It serves as a point of contact for skilled professionals such as: Plumbers, Mechanics, Hairdresser, Refrigerator Technicians and Barbers, to gain work.” Clickawayja CEO, Mr Mohan shared. 

As a skilled professional that signs up to the app, you can create a profile and upload your experience, work photos and all other details. Prospective customers can then view your profile and request a quote for a specific job; once both parties agree on the scope and price, then they get started on the project.

“Using the Clickawayja app means anyone from anywhere in the world can manage work men here in Jamaica. The app facilitates completing your transactions, booking a professional, sending quotations, making a payment, issuing receipts or writing a review,” says Clickawayja Brand Manager, Miss Alicia-Ann Roxborough.

The app benefits both skilled professionals and customers alike; creating more visibility for those seeking new jobs and more accountability for those looking for skilled workers.

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The Clickaway app is available in both Google and Apple stores.

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