Crazy Hype alive after skydiving stunt

Berlin-based dancehall dancer and recording artiste, Crazyhype, wants to dispel rumors that he was injured in a skydiving accident in Germany earlier this month. The rumors started after footage of Crazyhype surfaced with him jumping from a plane and then of him sitting in an ambulance with what appeared to be a broken leg.

In actuality, he did complete a skydiving stunt as part of his music video for his single ‘Break the Lawz’ to be released this Friday on his birthday, March 18. The idea of skydiving was interesting to the award winning dancer because he wanted his single and upcoming album to be different from the expected.

“I wanted to be different and bring something new to the screens that no Jamaican had ever done especially for a music video, so when my manager suggested skydiving I jumped at the opportunity, pun intended,” Crazy explained.

What he never anticipated though is fans thinking he was hurt from the freefall and actually had a broken leg.

“The outpouring of love has been amazing, the calls and messages have been pouring in from all over the world I want to say a big thanks to all the fans for the prayers and well wishes because in the worst of situations you will always know the ones that are really with you. The footage with the ambulance is part of the music video, I am safe, Injury free and blessed,” Crazyhype added.

Crazyhype founded his own dance group called ‘MOB’ in 2006 and held the number 1 spot from 2007 – 2012. As a recording artiste, his most popular singles include ‘MVP’ and ‘Brace’ featuring Oceana and ‘PiCatchU’ which caught the attention of Universal Records France. In 2020, he released a mini movie for his single ‘Father Forgive Me’ and opened shows for the likes of Aidonia, Tommy lee, Elephant man and Govanna and also performed on Berlin Carnival.

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The artiste is now gearing up to release his 11-track album as the official introduction to the world as a recording artiste. Interestingly enough the recent skydiving experience for the artiste was remarkable and is something he would definitely do again.

“When the plane reaches about the clouds I was a bit nervous at first but to be honest it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Normally we think that risky things are just made for white people but I learnt that fears kills dreams,” Crazy mused.

Full footage of the skydive can be seen in the official music video for ‘Break The Lawz’ directed by Crazy’s management Ohxigenes Studios based in Belgium.

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