Cuba thanks Mexico’s Labor Party for condemnation of US blockade

Havana, Oct 25 (Prensa Latina) Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Monday thanked Mexico for its strong condemnation of the United States blockade against Cuba at an international event convened by the Mexican Labor Party.

On his Twitter account, the Foreign Minister referred to the 25th International Seminar ‘Parties and a New Society’, convened by that organization, which took place from October 21 to 23.

During the event, attended by a Cuban delegation, left-wing forces of the world also demanded the end to subversive actions against Cuba, Rodriguez tweeted.

Alberto Anaya, general coordinator of the organization, called for an end to the sanctions that have caused serious consequences to the people of a nation in solidarity with the world.

The party leader highlighted the scientific and social achievements made by Cuba, as well as the help provided by its medical personnel in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

He stated that the self-determination of the Cuban people must be categorically respected and that the genocidal blockade has not achieved its purpose.

‘On the contrary, Cuba remains firm and vigorous. I celebrate this great victory of the Cuban people,’ he stressed.

Participants in the 25th International Seminar ‘The Parties and a New Society’ gathered for three days to debate the imperialist aggression against Latin America and the Caribbean, geopolitics and world geoeconomics and the crisis of neoliberalism, among other topics.

Cuba was represented by Angel Arzuaga Reyes, deputy chief and coordinator of International Relations of the Communist Party, and Leopoldo Villa, Counselor of the Embassy.

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