Dancehall artiste Baby Cham calls out Jamaica Prime Minister

Dancehall artiste Baby Cham who is know for songs such as Ghetto Story, Vitamin S, Ghetto Story 2 among others has taken Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness to task following his comments the other day about the violent content of dancehall music. 

In a post on his Instagram Baby Cham spoke his truth. 

“Becoming an artiste was solely to provide entertainment to the world through my music. Never did I once imagine that I would take on the responsibilities of a country’s governing body or parenthood for an entire nation. From where I stand, as someone from the inner-city, the ghetto, and a public figure, I have observed where poverty, poor leadership, illiteracy and lack of opportunities for the Jamaican youths are the top four contributors for the country’s high crime rate — not the music.

“Are we going to slam or blame Netflix, who is one of the world’s top streaming platforms for violent content in the same breath? Or, are we going to remove data from everyone’s smartphones and their homes? Come on. Therefore, it begs to ask the question: is audio communication more effective than video communication? If yes, then it is with great honour that I will lobby for myself and my fellow artists, which are my brothers, to take over the government of Jamaica so we can finally, through our music, bring some order and restoration to the country.”

 “Mr Prime Minister, did your conclusion arrive from study done, or did it arrive from guilt of mismanagement over the years? People who are already prone to violence and have violent behaviours will always [be riggered] by anything that mimic their thought, and as such it is easy to conclude that visual or audio is what cause the person to become violent.”

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