Dancehall artiste Mavado ‘tiad’ a Jamaica PM Andrew Holness

Dancehall artiste David Brooks aka Mavado vented on his Instagram page after Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness castigated some of the songs being released by some dancehall artistes. 

Holness who was addressing the Jamaica Stock Exchange Regional Investments and Capital Conference a few days ago said in the last ten years, Jamaica’s music has been overtaken by violence. 

“By the music we are producing we are devaluing our culture which is a very important asset for our economic development,” he said incurring the wrath of Mavado.

The “So Special” artiste vented on his page “Why is this man blaming crime on music every prime minister that the ppl vote in when dem get them $#@& seat to work Dem fail and come point fingers well we pointing right back at you, what about all the grants dat you and your parliamentarians get to take care of crime billions.. that has nothing to do with entertainment no one voted for us to lead that’s your job! what u need to do is clean up your corrupted Goverment and stop intimidate the people! Tyad a you. @andrewholnessjm

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