Diana King Shows Off Results Of Their Top Surgery

Diana King recently took to social media to proudly display the results of their top surgery, declaring that they feel “born again” after the life-changing procedure. The “Shy Guy” singer expressed no regrets about their decision, likening it to the joy of having a first child and embracing authenticity.

King, who had been seeking answers regarding their discomfort in their own body, shared that they discovered they didn’t quite fit the label of “lesbian” and began to uncover buried memories. In 2017, they made the decision to undergo top surgery, a procedure to remove breast tissue.

To help finance the $18,000 procedure, King launched a GoFundMe campaign. As an extremely private person, they admitted feeling vulnerable by making themselves open to asking for assistance. In their plea for support, King described themselves as a Jamaican-born singer/songwriter from Spanish Town, also holding American citizenship.

The online response to King’s announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their happiness that King was able to fulfill their desire for the surgery. Supporters praised King for their bravery and authenticity, with some calling them an inspiration.

King’s story highlights the importance of living life in a way that feels comfortable and true to oneself. By embracing their authentic self, King has become a beacon of inspiration for others.

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