Did Usain Bolt buy a plane?

Jamaican athletic legend Usain Bolt has been enjoying his retirement and chalking up new ventures as he go along. 

Well, it is no secret that big man always wanted to have his own plane to jet away to wherever he wants, when he wants and in the style he wants. 

If his latest tweet is anything to go by, then he might have already have attained that dream.

Check this out, “Sorry, not sorry living my dream”

And Caribbean Globe is not the only one having this train of thoughts, check out some of the comments, we would say we are on the same page.

“I think most people who ever had to run track or the mile in physical education class knows you can enjoy that ride in style.”

“Absolutely! Everyone should be allowed to, without judgement and disdain for being afforded such lifestyle…if it’s their earned money. Enjoy your dream!”

“You earned it with hard work so please enjoy.”

Okay, if that’s really your ride dude, congrats!

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