Fans React to Popcaan Posting Photo Of Valiant 


Fans were quick to react when popular dancehall artist Popcaan posted and then deleted a photo of rising star Valiant on Instagram. The photo, taken from a 2020 interview, featured several former Unruly crew members, including Valiant. However, the caption, which seemed to imply that some people had “memory loss,” was perceived by fans as a dig at Valiant. 

Many fans felt that Popcaan’s post came from a place of jealousy and that he didn’t want to see anyone in his crew become more successful than he is. Some fans even criticized Popcaan for not nurturing talent and instead surrounding himself with “yes men.” Interestingly, Popcaan’s sister jumped in to defend him, stating that the people criticizing him were irrelevant. 

Despite Popcaan’s past efforts in supporting young talent, his recent Instagram post seemed to overshadow those sentiments, leading some fans to question his belief in Valiant’s potential. Meanwhile, Valiant added fuel to the fire by sharing photos and videos from a recent performance, further fueling speculation about the controversy.

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