Guyana Gov’t working to address poultry shortage

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, M.P, said the current shortage of poultry meat is due to the high demand that was recorded in December last year.

And while supply has significantly increased over the last few months, Minister Mustapha said measures are being put in place to further reduce the cost of poultry meat on the local market.

The minister informed Region Six farmers Saturday, that discussions are ongoing between the ministry and the Guyana Poultry Association (GPA) to explore various market options.

“We are seeing the cost of the increase because of the demand and so we, as a government have a responsibility and like what we have been doing in terms of bringing down the cost of vegetables and fruits with the farmers’ market that we have started, we are also looking at putting measures in place to bring down the cost of poultry meat in the local market,” he stated.

Minister Mustapha said he is positive the collaboration will provide financial relief to citizens across the country.

“Within two weeks, I am optimistic that we will have those costs reduced. Although we have increased production compared to last year, the demand is higher now.”

Earlier this month, GPA said the high demand for poultry last Christmas had put some pressure on the industry.

GPA President, Patrick DeGroot said there were sufficient hatching eggs procured to supply the holiday season.

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