Guyana Health Minister commends media on COVID-19 reportage

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony on Wednesday noted that the circulation of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has not been a challenge in Guyana as in some other countries, due to the responsible reporting by the local media.

Dr. Anthony said misinformation has been a challenge across the world, bringing with it dire consequences, including vaccine hesitancy among populations.

“In Guyana what I’ve found is that a lot of the traditional media, newspapers, television and many of the traditional outlets have been quite responsible in their reporting of Covid-19, and I think that is a commendable thing because we did not have such challenges,” Minister Anthony said.

He noted however, that while the traditional media has been responsible in its reporting, social media posed a challenge. 

“Unfortunately, while a lot of the media have been reporting accurately, there are lots of people who go on social media and spread false information, and that is something that as a country, as a collective, we have to jointly and constantly try to fight against that, so our job really is to present the facts, present information to people and help them to make those decisions that can help them protect themselves, their family their community, I think that’s very important,” Dr. Anthony stated.

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