Guyanese women held with $48m worth of cocaine at airport get 10 months in prison

Two women from Guyana have been sentenced in the St James Parish Court for attempting to smuggle around 9.5kg of cocaine out of the island. The women were arrested at the Sangster International Airport in St James on April 4.

Two individuals, 21-year-old Oshaura Moses and 27-year-old Abiki Moses, have been charged with dealing cocaine and attempting to export cocaine. Oshaura Moses is self-employed while Abiki Moses works as a chef.

Abiki and Oshaura were apprehended and searched while attempting to board a flight departing to the United Kingdom on April 4, according to reports.

Police have seized a large amount of cocaine with a street value of 270,000 pounds (J$ 48,465,000) from an undisclosed location.

Individuals charged with cocaine dealing are facing a hefty penalty of either $1 million or six months imprisonment at hard labour. In other news, a verdict has been reached and the defendants have been ordered to either pay a fine of $500,000 or serve six months of hard labour for the second charge.

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