How many more female dancehall artistes are left to come out of the closet?

Since alleged victim Elaine Lim came out with a video accusing popular reggae singer Richie Stephens of raping her in Australia – a claim he has denied – several female dancehall artiste are now confessing that they too were victimised in their early days.

We have long heard the claims that female artistes had a hard time breaking into the business and at times had to do unspeakable things to get ahead…but some of the stories coming out are now heartbreaking.

The first to share her truth was Tanya Stephens – long before Lim did…however, she resurfaced with a powerful interview recently going into details on the pain she had to endure. We don’t think there was a dry eye watching the interview as she related the multiple rapes she had to endure – first from the hands of a popular Reggae artiste – whose name she did not reveal, only stating that he was her mentor. She was later raped by three men she knew one of whom was a trusted friend who set up the abuse.

Later on, Macka Diamond shared that she was beaten with a board at a studio by a popular artiste, so badly she thought she would die. She was paid to shut up about it, the memory still haunts her. She broke down in tears while sharing her story on Instagram.

Conscious reggae singer Etana is the latest to share her story that she went to a popular artiste home to check out his studio and he tried to put the moves on her…luckily she had her people downstairs and was aggressive enough to ward him off.

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There is no doubt that a can of worms has been opened and The Caribbean Globe is now wondering…whose story will be unfolding next?

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