I believe in true love … but

By Joan Wilson

The season for love and good cheer is upon us and many will be feeling lonely and desperate for some sort of companionship and those who are in one … a bad one to boot will hold on for dear life in order not to be alone … let’s get down to some serious chat.

I am a sucker for some sweet romantic stories, but come on peeps let’s get real here, it’s time for both men and men to realize when someone is trying to pull a fast one on them.

You can’t be so blinded by Cupid’s evil arrow to imagine for a second that what’s being dished out to you is love.

From where I perch on the limb of life, if it looks like it, smells like it then chances are that’s exactly it!

Your man uses you for batting practice and if he doesn’t, he treats you any way he pleases, disregarding your hurt feelings. Sadly, your hurt adds even more pleasure to his sadistic mind. Hello, where in this scenario is love present?

Yes, he may not do any of those things; he doesn’t hit you or curse you, but he has wandering eyes and his hands know no bounds. Don’t excuse it away with the tired old saying ‘boys will be boys’…well you need a man!

Lest you think this is about women and their longing for a companion that they will overlook anything, let me take a look at what I call pathetic men who are so led by their raging hormones.

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The only thing that gets the women they are involved with excited is the wallet size and the promise of more to come. Their eyes light up like Christmas tree at the mere suggestion of shopping or some other financial reward.

They don’t have time for you and shun any display of affection, although they may be a bit skillful in warding off any intimacy from you. There is no hiding the fact that there is every excuse in the book preventing you from taking the relationship to the next level. And if some are bold enough to give you all the encouraging signs you need by ‘closing their eyes and thinking of more pleasant activities’ then don’t be snared.


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