Jamaica-born Canada based singer Ammoye releases video for Give it All

Jamaica-born Canada based singer Ammoye is set to release the video for her Juno nominated song Give it All.

Give it All was produced by Adrian Hanson for Donsome Records. It was released last June.

“The inspiration behind Give it All is all about “freedom”. Coming out of the chains and bondage of fear, darkness, suppression and oppression. It was inspired by a time in my life when I was feeling the energy of helplessness and being so broken inside and not knowing how to or feeling will I ever get out of the situation. It was like going through a dark night of the soul experience if you will, but then finding the inner strength, will and drive to free myself from that challenge,” Ammoye explained.

She added, “Through my Spiritual awakening happening during that time, which that situation was one of the catalyst of, I was able to change my perspective, and shift out of allowing myself to be a victim of the circumstance and I came out on the other side of it seeing things and myself in a new way. I truly hope it resonates and inspires a lot of women and people out there who have felt oppressed, less than and inhibited in any way to move forward and liberate themselves.”

Give it All enjoyed some success in Canada where it figured prominently on radio as well as the Rebel Vibez Canadian Top Ten Reggae chart.

Ammoye explained how the collaboration with Hanson came about.

“The decision to work with Adrian Hanson came to me through synchronicity. My manager at the time Kaya made the introduction. He brought the track to me at the time and when I heard it, right away I could hear the melody and lyrics flowing into me. It was like channeling, receiving and downloading the lyrics from my Higher Self. It just flowed into me. I knew I had to work with him. I did, and here we are”.

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The video for Give it All was directed by Ghanian filmmaker Jim Resley.

She spoke about the response to the song since its release.

“The response, reaction and feedback so far thank goodness have all been positive. A lot of people can relate to it and some have said it makes them feel good inside when they hear it. That makes me feel I’ve done my job in inspiring, motivating and uplifting others at this time. It’s a great feeling,” Ammoye shared.

Give it All is among five songs nominated for the 2021 Juno Award for Reggae Recording of the Year, Canada’s equivalent to the Grammys.

“When I heard that the song was nominated for a Juno award, it came as a wonderful surprise! I was elated and filled with excitement. The Juno awards in Canada is like the Grammy Awards in the United States the highest accolade you can achieve in the music industry here in Canada so it’s a great honour to be recognized and acknowledged in this way,” she said.

This is Ammoye’s fifth nomination.

“This is now is my 5th Juno nomination but this one came at a time when so much is shifting and changing in our world, with lock downs, quarantine and not being able to perform live music. So this was a beautiful gift from the universe. A wonderful surprise. Getting good news at this time is so welcomed, reassuring and motivating it just lets me know there’s light at the end of the tunnel and I’m choosing to take it as a sign that in spite of everything going on right now…everything is going to be all right.”

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Ammoye is originally from Halse Hall in Clarendon. She moved to Canada during her teenage years. 

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