Jamaica Government Looking To Tap Into Global Ackee Market

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries is looking to cultivate approximately 1,000 acres of ackee over the next three years through public-private partnership.

Agriculture minister Floyd Green, says this venture is being embarked as the Government looks to tap into the global ackee market where “we have a competitive advantage”.

He was making his 2021/22 Sectoral Debate presentation in the House of Representatives recently, under the theme ‘The New FACE of Food’.

Mr. Green said the proposed ackee cultivation venture will also incorporate wide-ranging stakeholder engagement and training sessions for these interests to share best practices relating to reaping the fruit, which he describes as Jamaica’s “yellow gold”, and pruning the trees.

He pointed out that these activities are intended to assist in spurring local ackee production.

Ackee is the National Fruit of Jamaica and was imported from West Africa in the 18th century.

The ripe ackee fruit is eaten as food and is considered a dietary staple across the country.

It is one of the two ingredients comprising Jamaica’s National Dish – Ackee and Saltfish.

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