Jamaican innovators have access to J$100 million

Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, claims that participants in the Tourism Innovation Incubator will have access to J$100 million to turn their ideas into successful companies.

The Tourism Innovation Incubator is a programme of the Ministry of Tourism that was established through the Tourism Enhancement Fund to encourage ideas that can improve the tourism sector in Jamaica. This programme is based on the idea that ideas are what will drive innovation and invention in the future.

It is a centre for business development for people like entrepreneurs who have creative ideas that can influence the tourism industry.

Its goal is to offer a distinctive and incredibly versatile combination of services, including infrastructure and business support services. Additionally, it will encourage and foster aspiring entrepreneurs in their first stages of planning and execution.

Bartlett said “I have put $100 million in EXIM Bank for the new ideas which are converted into material things that add value,”

“After the recovery started, we learnt how all the other disruptions have come that are now going to be challenging and new ideas is what we need to meet those challenges,” he added

With an injection of J$40 million and the introduction of the first 13 entrants to Bartlett, according to the local authorities, the launch of the tourism innovation incubator was completed.

Jamaican innovators have access to J$100 million

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