Jamaica’s Farmworkers being treated like trash in Canada

Some of Jamaica’s farmworkers are being treated like trash on farms in Canada. Their problem is even compounded by the fact that their liaison officers from the Jamaican Government are not batting for them the way they should. 

The Caribbean Globe reached out to a repeat worker who shared that he has not had a bad experience but he has gotten some horror stories from some of his friends who have been placed at other farms.

“It’s true, they treat them terrible and when they complain to the liaison officer he tells them ‘if you can’t take the heat come out of the kitchen’” the source who did not want to be named told The Caribbean Globe

In a YouTube story from Jamaica News Story the vlogger highlighted some of the crazy stuff Jamaican workers were facing. Being ‘draped up’ by their bosses and being shafted from the programme.

“Dem a deal wid di big man dem like pickney dem,” he said about the treatment being meted out by the bosses.

The post prompted viewers to comment:

“My God so this is what is happening every day and years, oh God that’s wickedness, minister of labour am sure you are aware of these wickedness, so what are you going to do now about this one?”

“It’s hard almost every job and situations so all I can say to all you farmworker men save your money build your home and try and sort out some business for yourself I have three brothers on farmworker and they are building their house and saving so try dear”

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