J’cans travelling from London forced to sleep in Nassau airport after flight develops technical issues

Several Jamaicans travelling from London to Montego Bay, Jamaica found themselves stranded at Nassau airport due to technical issues with their aircraft. The passengers were on a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 jet that departed from London’s Heathrow airport at 11:15 am on Monday. Their scheduled route included a stop in Nassau, Bahamas before continuing to Montego Bay.

However, upon landing in Nassau, they were informed that the aircraft had encountered problems, causing a delay in their onward journey. The passengers were forced to remain on the aircraft for nine hours while the airline attempted to resolve the issues.

Eventually, they were informed that there was no available accommodation, and they would have to spend the night at Nassau airport. Despite being told that the plane was fixed, the crew was unable to continue flying due to exceeding their working hours restriction after the lengthy delay. As a result, the passengers were informed that they would have to wait until 4:00 pm before they could be taken to Montego Bay the next day.

The flight is now rescheduled to depart Nassau at 4:40 pm and arrive in Montego Bay at 5:15 pm. At present, there has been no comment from Virgin Atlantic regarding the situation. This unexpected ordeal has left the affected Jamaican travellers frustrated and inconvenienced, as they had anticipated a smooth journey back home.

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