Jesse Royal Says Pineapple Farming Made Him Mentally Strong

Jesse Royal credits his days spent as a banana and pineapple farmer in St. James for making him mentally strong and grounded.

He not only gained wealth from farming and selling fruits in the Montego Bay market but also realized that agriculture is a lucrative business. Being born and raised in St. James, he recalls the days spent with his grandmother on banana walks and working on their large banana farm in Maroon Town.

Jesse explains that after experiencing problems at several schools, he turned to full-time agriculture, recalling the astonishing amount of profit he made from selling pineapples in the Montego Bay market. His time on the farm taught him valuable life lessons, financially and otherwise, and he believes that agriculture is still one of the ways for Jamaican youth to secure generational wealth.

Jesse Royal emphasizes the importance of understanding how to manage and use money wisely, as well as the significance of family and learning from successful examples.

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