Killer Rushane Barnett baptised in prison

Convicted killer Rushane Barnett has chosen to commit suicide two months after being given five life sentences for the murder of his family members in Cocoa Piece, Clarendon.

At a ceremony held at the Tower Street Correctional Center, where he is being housed, the 23-year-old reportedly received baptism.

In October, Barnett was given a life sentence in prison for killing his cousin Kemesha Wright, 31, and her four children. On June 21, their bodies with cut wounds and slashed throats were found in their Cocoa Piece house in Clarendon. Prior to becoming eligible for parole, Barnett, who is from Wilson Run, Trelawny, must complete 61 years and 8 months of incarceration.

Barnett was dubbed a monster by many on the island after the massacre. However, the insider revealed that Barnett spoke passionately about the matter and what transpired to him throughout his testimony.

Since January, 42 prisoners have been baptised, the majority of whom are serving life sentences. Barnett is the latest. The source further stated that after several weeks of counselling with the prison chaplain, “Barnett was now in his right mind.” The source also claimed that everyone in the prison was present for the baptism.

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