Lady G has been performing for 38 years and still going

Lady G

“I love going on a stage and hearing the crowd sing my songs word for word. I love being able to share my experiences with my fans while remaining true to myself as an artiste. It makes me fit into spaces that other dancehall acts are not able to fit into, I’m always recording new music, that is the work of an artiste, but I know it’s my clean lyrics from my worldwide hits and my on-the-spot freestyles on stage that keep the fans entertained,” said Lady G.

“Growing up in Dela Vega City, I was neighbours with Papa San and Dirtsman. I used to watch San writing lyrics and deejaying on the sound system. Then I started writing my own lyrics and whenever we had functions in the community, I would participate,” Lady G recalled

“There was a talent competition in Spanish Town and I performed. Then I met Daddy Meekie and he took me to Black Scorpio and that’s where I started deejaying on a sound system. I’m happy I was able to work with some respected entertainers and sound owners who really respected my talent and helped to elevate my career. Nuff Respect was my first hit song and it really changed my life. It proved to the people that I am also a recording artiste. At the time, I was mostly performing on the sound system. Nuff Respect gave me the opportunity to travel all over the world,” said Lady G.

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