Macka Diamond and Razor B drop Katchie single

After more than a decade of working in the same Dancehall space, Successful Jamaican born recording artistes Macka Diamond and Razor B, both originally from Waterford in St Catherine, have finally collaborated on a new raunchy single that has already started trending in the social media space.

The single Katchie is produced by DJ Tropical for his Channel 17 Music Label and plays on the Katch E Hat slang originally done by dancehall artiste Valiant, but takes it to a raunchier place.

Razor and I always talked about doing a song together but we never rushed it. I think everything works out the way it should in the time it should. Now we have a song that couples can katch together again and i think dancehall is ready for that couple-up vibe now,” Macka shared.

The single has quickly been getting attention at local events and has started to penetrate the international dancehall space. Razor B believes being a part of the Katchie movement was a great idea and recording with Macka was an even greater one.

Macka Diamond is very professional and a great person to with in the studio. Fans have been gravitating to this record since its release so we are super grateful. Right now everybody a Katchie, its a Katchie season… we are just a part of the epidemic with an amazing record,” Razor Shared.

Both artistes are currently shooting aspects of the Katchie video and are looking at releasing it later this month.

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