Minister Marion Hall Quits Online Preaching

In a recent Social Media post, Minister Marion Hall said that she will cease preaching on social media.

“Blessings overflow to all Jesus followers and friends,” she said in a Facebook post yesterday. “I just want to inform you that I will no longer be preaching and doing prayers and fasting online. Social media has become a place where I don’t want to be.”

The reason for her withdrawal from the event was not specified, but she has been facing criticism for soliciting donations to distribute Bibles at Reggae Sumfest.

“I also want to thank all the people who contributed to the Bible giveaway,” she said. “I’ve been called all types of name for asking for confirmation to buy the Bibles, so I won’t be asking for anymore confirmations. God will provide the money to buy the amount we need, He’s a great provider.”

She urged her fans to,” Please get yourself connected to a church or Minister of the word of God, and get to know God for yourself. Love you all. Peace out.”

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