Music Lovers Keep Jahmali’s New Music ‘On Repeat’

Reggae singer Jahmali is cruising into the new year with fresh new content, which the masses are keeping “On Repeat.” Resonating with wide listening audiences, the vibrant “On Repeat” is bound to keep Jahmali in the music spotlight!

The latest effort from the legendary artist, which hails from his Roaring Ras Productions outfit and boasts a hard-hitting beat — courtesy of a friend’s uber talented 22 year-old son, is also a favorite among a cross section of respected radio DJs and sound systems in core Reggae music markets. Meanwhile, the newly released “On Repeat” is also garnering impressive international streams, with the lionshare in Asia and the Middle East, followed by the United States and England.

“They say the greatest things in life are for free, including the air we breathe. And no one wants a good time to end,” says Jahmali passionately about his new single. “So putting it ‘On Repeat’ is a an ode to the loving relationships we have with life, love and the special people in our lives.. these things come at no cost and we want them to continue forever.”

Dedicated to making music that dually entertains and elevates minds, “On Repeat” eloquently follows the course of Jahmali’s artistic mission. “My songs have always been noted for their universal themes and messages, usually conveyed with a more state-of-mind approach than through storytelling,” says Jahmali proudly.

Notably, the buzz of “On Repeat” sees Jahmali releasing a companion visual in the coming weeks directly to his new Vevo channel and across digital platforms. The visual is set to match the song’s “exciting, refreshing, danceable and different vibes,” Jahmali shares. The conscious talent indicates that “On Repeat” is just a taste of what awaits fans on his explosive “Pleasant Place” album, set for delivery in Spring 2022.

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