New single by Cobra an encouragement for Ghetto Youths

Jamaican Hardcore Dancehall Pioneer Ewart Brown, also known as Mad Cobra or Cobra; is still holding a torch for the underprivileged and disenfranchised of society and has channeled this in his most recent release Ghetto Youth produced by College Boiz Production.

The track, which details the challenges of the poor yet at the same time empowering them to keep fighting, is seen as a fitting release now due to the current worldwide pandemic that seems to be affecting more so the lower class amongst us.

“Jamaica is a prime example of the inequality and double standards that affect the ghetto youth daily. Rules seem to go for some and not all, and the corruption is only making situations worse,” Cobra explained.

Ghetto Youth reflects real-life issues that many face daily in modern society but Cobra also wanted ghetto people to see hope and purpose and find the motivation to keep going.

“I’m a prime example of prevailing despite the odds being against you. This is why I can honestly encourage ghetto youths to work hard and focus on their goals regardless of the cards that seem to be stacking up against them,” Cobra added.

The award-winning Jamaican-born artiste rose to stardom in the ’90s with a mix of gun and girl lyrics, most successful to date are tracks like ‘Tek Him’, ‘Press Trigger’, and ‘Flex’ which has been sampled multiple times by international artists worldwide.

Cobra is currently working on an insightful album that should be released later this year, Ghetto Youth will also be featured on the yet to be named project.

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